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These sources will help you find information about weather, climate, and the atmosphere .

Scope Statement: This pathfinder will enable the student to find information on the ICC Concept of Earth and Space Science for Grades 6-8. The research will assist students in grades 6-8 in finding information on the topic of atmospheric properties, weather, and climate. Atmospheric properties have an effect on weather and climate. Students will use writing as a tool for learning and analyze simple data in charts or graphs relating to the topic, as well as demonstrate information literacy by accessing and evaluating information and communicating information and ideas through a cumulating class discussion and short research paper (2-3 pages) on the topic. Iowa Core Curriculum Concepts used are listed below:

Iowa Core Curriculum: Essential Concepts and/or Skills
Earth and Space Science Grades 6-8
Understand and apply knowledge of the earth’s atmospheric properties and how they influence weather and climate.
*The atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, and trace gasses that include water vapor. The atmosphere has different properties at different elevations.
*Global patterns of atmospheric movement influence local weather. Oceans have a major effect on climate because water in the oceans holds a large amount of heat.
*Clouds, formed by the condensation of water vapor, affect weather and climate.
Iowa Core Curriculum: Essential Concepts and Skills, Literacy: Writing
Use writing as a tool for learning (to clarify thinking, to expand knowledge of general, academic, and content specific vocabulary
Iowa Core Curriculum: Essential Concepts and Skills: Mathematics 6-8 Understand, interpret, determine, and apply measures of center and graphical representations of data.
Iowa Core Curriculum: Essential Concepts and Skills : Information Literacy
Engage in the information literacy process: access, evaluate, and communicate information and ideas.

Dewey Decimal Search:
500-Pure Sciences
550-Earth Science (search terms- weather, climate, atmosphere, clouds and oceans (ONLY as they apply to climate and weather) this means, don’t write down information about clouds or the ocean…..write down information only if it has a tie to weather and climate, as stated above in the Iowa Core.

Britannia Online School Edition : This is a general encyclopedia available on line that is appropriate for middle school students. Topics include climate, weather, and atmosphere. Provides a general broad view on the topic. Aaccessed through . Go to Rod Library (see me for log in). Go to databases A-Z, go to Britannica Online School Edition Pk-12. Go to MS (middle school) Go to topics=Earth Science, type climate as your search.

__http://www.worldbookonline.com/wb/Login?ed=wb__ You can search with the basic search screen,(type climate) or search by subject (science) then go to “dig deeper” on the left side, go to Earth Science, then to Meteorology.

Dictionary: Merriam Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language. Merriam Webster, 1971, 1995, 2003.
This is an unabridged dictionary with updated supplements. Students may look up words to gain a complete understanding of the definition of climate, atmosphere, weather, meteorology and related terms. Located in the UNI Library.
REF PE 1625 .W36

Scholastic Atlas of Weather Scholastic, Inc. 2004. This source has many photos and illustrations. A great browsing book to help you to get started thinking about the topics of weather, climate, and atmosphere.
Subject encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, biographical sources:

New Book of Popular Science Grolier, 2008 (6 Vol. Set) Updated articles about various topics in Science, including climate. Search for climate, or advanced search weather OR climate. http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/grolier/program_TNBOPS.htm or YR500 in the UNI Collection.

UXL Encyclopedia of Science, UXL 2001. A subject encyclopedia that focuses on Science. Articles are coded for reading/understanding level. Search for climate, climate change and global warming.
YR 5514 UNI Collection
Or __http://www.gale.cengage.com/servlet/ItemDetailServlet?region=9&imprint=000&titleCode=UES&cf=p&type=4&id=173654__ (online version)

Facts on File Weather and Climatology Handbook Facts on File Incorporated, 2002.
Useful Almanac-like handbook aimed at 6th-12th Grade audience. Includes charts and tables. Ref QC981.A492002. Online Version:

World of Earth Science Gale, 2002. Comprehensive guide to concepts, theories, discoveries and issues relating to topics in Earth Science. Basic search for climate, weather and climate, or do advanced search keyword: climate AND /OR weather.

QE5 .W59 2003/cqe 5 w59 2003/-3,-1,,E/browse|QE5 .W59 2003]] UNI Collection OR __www.uni.edu__ (this is through the UNI website, see me for password) go to Rod Library, Databases A-Z, then to GVRL (Gale Virtual Reference Library)


Gale Encyclopedia of Science Gale, 2008. Covers all area of science concepts, good overview of climate. Available online through GVRL, go to Science in drop down menu and click. Then, go to the title, and search your topic. Search words include atmosphere, climate, weather, meteorology.


Living Green This is a digital library that focuses on information on “green” living, building, and related topics. A focus on topics that relate to the environment, sustainability, and making environmentally friendly choices. Search Tips: Go to Iowa AEA online, click on World Book Web, then go to Digital Libraries and select Living Green. Then, type climate in the search for several good articles.


Book of Fiction
Thompson, Kate. (1998) Switchers. New York: Hyperion Switchers features a main character who experiences extreme weather changes and must try to save the world from disaster. From the UNI Youth Collection, Y Tho. To find other fiction books related to the topic, search in the library’s electronic catalog in the advanced search by keyword weather OR climate. Also, in location, choose UNI Youth in the drop down menu, which will narrow your search to books appropriate for you.

Magazine Article
Reiss, B. (2010 March). Welcome to Barrow, Alaska ground zero for climate change. Smithsonian 40(12). Retrieved from www.iowaaeaonline..org

Search Tips: go to **__www.iowaaeaonline.org__**. Click on Ebsco. (See me for password) Search, go to Middle School Magazines, the click on Middle Search Plus. Go to advanced search. Type in climate OR weather.

Newspaper Article
Fahrenthold, D. (2010, April 6). How do they make these predictions?The Washington Post. Retrieved from LexisNexis Academic. Search Tips: Access LexisNexis Academic through the Rod Library. See me for password. Click News at the top left. Select US News and Wire to help limit your search terms. Next, go to Sources by Category and select newspapers.
When specifying date on drop down menu, select previous three months, which will give you the most current articles.
DE Video
Exploring Weather: What is the atmosphere? This is an great clip that explains what the atmosphere is made up of, which corresponds to the Essential Concept and Skill in the Iowa Core.

For other video clips, type in search terms such as climate, weather or atmosphere. You can also narrow by grade level (6-8) and subject (science).
Teacher Librarian
Another source to help you is Mrs. Crowder, the teacher librarian! I will be happy to help you navigate through books, reference materials, online sources! I’ll also be working with your Science teacher to help you with this project and demonstrating some of the searches in class. I’ve also spent a lot of time researching this topic as part of the Iowa Core Curriculum, and I have always been interested in weather and climate! Remember, to see me if you need a password for some sites. Happy Researching!