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Grades 9th through 12th

The purpose of this pathfinder is to help the 9th through 12th grader on their own path to discovering more about cells and nutrition as assigned by their teacher. Below is a path that will help to narrow ideas into a single idea for a research project.

Iowa Core Curriculum
Iowa Core Curriculum

How does this relate to Iowa Core Curriculum?


Strategic learners are actively engaged in using literacy strategies to process information, construction knowledge, and make judgments. Effective and efficient application of literacy strategies increases students' ability to internalize content knowledge and develop conceptual understandings.


Students need powerful skills to be successful in the globally competitive workforce of the 21st century. Business and industry demand workers who can solve problems, work in teams, and are able to apply learning to new and changing situations, especially as workers change jobs and careers many times in their lifetimes. Therefore, students must acquire powerful, flexible, and widely-applicable mathematical skills by the time they graduate from high school.

Social Studies

Understand the use of geographic tools to locate and analyze information about people, places and environments.


Essential Concept: Understand and apply knowledge of the cell.

Principles that underlie the Concept/Skill
* Enzymes catalye reactions
* Food molecules break down to provide molecules for synthesis
* Cell respiration breaks down complex molecules to provide energy.

What do you want to learn more about with this subject?

Keywords that might help you on your search:

Cells, Calories, Proteins, Nutriton, Obesity, Organic, Food, Department of Agriculture and Calories/Caloric

Where in
"Dewey" can I find information?

You can start by looking in a LIBRARY! Try these two sections first and see what you find.

540 Chemistry and Alliled Sciences
570 Life Science and Biology

Side Note



Students when you are locating resources off of the AEA Website, Iowa AEA like Ebsco, AccuWeather, AP Images, Atomic Learning, DE Streaming, Learn 360, I Clip Art, SIRS Research and World Book Online you will need to use your student id/password to access these sites.



#1 World Book Online Wold Book Online
This is a great source when you are first getting started. There are many different entries on "nutrition, cells and obesity". Some are basic to give you better understanding while others go indepth on the subjects.

#2 Britannica Online School Edition PreK-12 Britannica Online
This is another good place to start your search. There are numerous topics to look at here. You can do a basic search for nutrition or obesity and see what you find. Here you will also find an atlas and dictionary in case you need to look up a term.


Mirriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary: This is a general dictionary that is not specific to one topic. Look here if you don't understand a word or need further clarification on a subject idea. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary You will use this online dictionary for other subjects besides science.



Human Body Atlas

Published by DK Publishing, Copyright 1997
You can find this book at the Bettendorf Public Library: Call # J611.0022 WI
This human body atlas will tell you how your body works and what cells and other chemical elements in your body. This is a basic human body atlas to get you started on your path. There are other "Human Body" atlase's in the DK series for more advanced learners but this is a good place to begin until you decide what "indepth" topic you want to research.


The Master Your Metabolism Cookbook by Jillian Michaels, Crown Publishers, Copyright 2010.
Locate at Bettendorf Public Library: 641.5635 MI
You will know her from the show "Biggest Loser". She is an expert in her field of exercise and nutrition. While this "book" is not written from by a scientist she has nutritional experts guiding you through the book. I wanted to find s biographical resource that you might be familiar with. Many experts in the field of nutrition and science may not sound appealing but Jillian Michaels is a widely known source. Although this has a lot of recipes the author shows why the foods discussed help improve cells, metabolism and body function. It also goes into detail about why certain processed foods hurt bodies and how the chemical makeup leads to poor nutrition.

Subject Encyclopedia's

1. The Encyclopedia of Nutrition and Good Health: Publisher, Facts on File, Copyright 1997. Location in Bettendorf High School:
R 613.2. This source talks about ingredients in foods, foods that contribute to health concerns as well as nutritional value.

2. Grolier wellness Encyclopedia: Publisher,Dushkin Pub. Group, Copyright 1992. Locate at Davenport Public Library (Main): 613 Gro v.2 v.2 4. This source has a nice section on health and nutrition and ties other illnesses to obesity and nutrition. While this encyclopedia has a copyright date of 1992 the "basics" about cells, nutri

3. Human Body Encyclopedia: Publisher, Usborne EDC Publishing. Copyright 2002. Locate this encyclopedia at Davenport Public Library (Main Branch) : j 612 Rog

4. Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition: Amsterdam [Netherlands] ; Boston : Elsevier/Academic Press, 2005. Locate at REF QP141 .E526 2005 v.1 at St. Ambrose University. This encyclopedia has everything you ever wanted to know about Nutrition. It is very appropriate for Juniors and Seniors because of the enormous content and the higher science information content.

5.Encyclopedia of foods : a guide to healthy nutritionSan Diego, Calif. : Academic Press, c2002. Locate at Bettendorf High School 641.5 ENc. While this encyclopedia has a lot of information on foods themselves it will help you on your path to discuss how nutrition and obesity go hand in hand.

Fiction Books or Poems

Brynie, F. (2002). CHAPTER TWO: 20 QUESTIONS ABOUT FOOD AND GOOD HEALTH. (p. 38). Lerner Publishing Group. Retrieved from Health Source - Consumer Edition database.
20 Questions Article

Magazine Articles

Death to Junk Food
HENDERSON, S. (2010). Death to JUNK FOOD. Ebony, 65(8), 92. Retrieved from Middle Search Plus database.

Newspaper Articles


The following article has a great "tie" into our own Iowa government officials on their stance on nutrition and obesity.
Johnson, Mark, and John Fauber. "Obesity Changing Food Industry." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, WI). Dec. 29 2003: n.p. SIRS Researcher. Web. 13 Nov 2010. SIRS Newspaper Article

Jenks, Susan. "Time to Level Off: New Guidelines List How Much Sugar Use Is Too Much." Florida Today (Melbourne, FL). 29 Sep 2009: D1+. SIRS Researcher. Web. 13 Nov 2010. Sugar and Caloric Intake Article



Want to know some basics about CELLS and the Human Body? Watch this video from
Discovery Education: Discovery Education Discovery Education is a great FREE resource available to you through our AEA. Use your school login and password to access this sight.
Learn 360 is a website with hundreds of videos/mini clips of movies that can tie into a multitude of subjects. This is a great source for incorporating a video into a presentation. The link that I have included shows a mini clip about nutrition, calories and the food pyramid. Learn 360 Nutrition


US Department of Agriculture: This site has a wealth of information on Science topics like the one you are woking on with cells and nutrition

Department of Labor and Statistics Department of Labor and Statistics: This sight has a lot of statistics on food, nutrition and obesity in America. The researcher could narrow their search on their topic to a specific area or even look at the costs of obesity in this country. This sight is also a great resource when it comes to looking for science and non science careers.


So, did you find what you were looking for? If not, please come and ask for help. That is what I'm here for. We can brainstorm or I can show you some search tips that might help you on your research path. Or, if you found what you were lookig for come and share how you found it and what resources that were not listed you benefited from. I'd love to add additional information to this pathfinder for future use. Your classmates and I thank you.