Healthy Eating and Media Advertising:
An Eighth Grade Heath and Information
Literacy Pathfinder

This research will engage students in the topics of media persuasion and healthy eating. Consumers’ diets can be affected by what they see and hear advertised, so it is important to realize how advertising can be used to persuade consumers to make healthier diet choices. Students will use a variety of online and “on-the-shelf” sources to complete their research.

Iowa Core Curriculum Connections:

Listening 6-8
Use listening to interpret, analyze, and evaluate:
•Listen to analyze and evaluate information, ideas, opinions, issues, themes, and experiences from a range of academic and nonacademic presentations.
•Identify how format, language, style, and context communicate the author's message and affect the listener.

Viewing 6-8
Analyze elements and effects of visual media:
•Explain how various visual media and their messages are uniquely perceived.
•Discuss the presence of visual media in daily life, in society, and across cultures.Analyze and evaluate the use of media to portray information:
•Analyze the way the author selects information and uses visual language to influence readers/viewers.
•Explain the role of advertising as part of an informational media presentation.
•Evaluate the effectiveness of visual media in presenting information and viewpoints.

Behavioral Sciences 6-8
Understand the influences on individual and group behavior and group decision making.
•Understand that technology is important in spreading ideas, values, and behavior patterns within a society and among different societies.
•Understand that the media may influence the behavior and decision-making of individuals and groups.

Health Literacy 6-8
Demonstrate functional health literacy skills to obtain, interpret, understand and use basic health concepts to enhance personal, family and community health.
· Know and use concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention.
•Develop preventive physical and mental health measures, including proper diet, nutrition, exercise, risk avoidance and stress reduction.
· Analyze influencing factors on health enhancing behaviors.
•Articulate how media, technology, research and medical advances impact health.
Employ media literacy skills to analyze media and other influences to effectively manage personal, family and community health situations.
· Analyze the influence of family, peers, health professionals, culture, media, technology, and other health factors.
•Demonstrate appropriate responses to negative and positive health influences.
•Discuss the role of public health policies in prevention and maintenance of school and community health.
•Determine how cultural diversities enrich and challenge health behaviors.
•Analyze how information influences health.
•Determine reliability, accuracy, dependability of health information sources.
•Describe the techniques used by print and non-print media sources.

Other Areas to Search for Information--"On-the-shelves"

Dewey Decimal Areas of Interest
Key Words to Search
Subject Headings
Obesity 616.3
Nutrition 613.2
Advertising 659.1, 616,86
Vegetarians 641.5
Diet 613
"childhood obesity"
"food pyramid"
"healthy lifestyle"
media AND "childhood obesity"
persuasion AND advertising
"organic foods"
Children's Health
Internet and Children

Student Pathfinder

Type of Source
Name of Source
Where Can You Find It
What Will You Find Here
General Encyclopedia
World Book Student online version
username and password is the same as all of our databases
Search obesity, diet, persuasion, and you will find solid background information to start your projects.
General Encyclopedia #2
The New Book of Knowledge--Grolier
Y 030 N
Search obesity, food pyramid, nutrition IN THE INDEX FIRST. Then go to the actually volume for the article.
Unabridged Dictionary
Merriam Webster Dictionary
While you're reading, type in terms in the search box to help you understand the concepts.
Atlas of the World
MAP REF G1021.N38.2005
Search the maps for caloric content and other materials compare the US to other nations of the world.
Current Biography
R 920 Cur
Search Michelle Obama or other names you found in your exploratory searches. Make sure to check the most recent index as persons that have been around awhile may have entries in different volumes.
The Encyclopedia of Obesity and Eating Disorders, Facts on File, 2006 1v.
R 552.E18
The introduction is fantastic for background information. The rest of the book is arranged alphabetically. Search obesity, nutrition, BMI or diet. Body image and eating disorders can be found, also.
Teen Health and Wellness, Rosen 2010--online
Access this through our library's home page. The login and password are the same as for all of our databases.
Subject search the "O" or type obesity in the search box. After reading the article, make sure you go through the suggested topic links on the left side of the page. Do not miss the media connection piece.
ABC-CLIO: Daily Life in America and Pop Culture Universe
Focus your searching here on media connections. Search fast food, obesity epidemic and diet. Make sure to browse through the suggested articles on the left side of the page after your initial searches.
SIRS: Social Issues Research Service
username and password is the same as all of our databases
Under the Leading Issues Header on the main page, click on Advertising and Children. Check out the statistics link and the wealth of articles. You may also read the Pro/Con articles. There is a wealth of media information here.
Facts on File: Health Reference Center
Search this database in several different ways. Under "Health Centers", choose Teen's Health. Under "Subjects", choose "Nutrition and Wellness".There is a wealth of information here. Make sure to check out the Related LInks on the right-hand side of the page. You may also want to check the "Images and Videos" heading.
Fiction Book
The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things
Fat Kid Rules the World
The first two books deal with overweight teens living in a skinny world--the first a girl, the second a boy. The last book is a futuristic tale that deals with the influence of advertising on daily life--so much so that everyone in the future has direct advertising wired into his or her brain.
Magazine Article
Kluger, Jeffrey. "What's So Great About Organic Food?" Time 30 Aug. 2010: 30-40.Middle Search Plus. Web. 12 Nov. 2010. <>.
Ebsco: Kids Search
(access through
This artcle, while perhaps a bit technical, may give you some ideas on organic foods or healthy lifestyles to promote for your business. If this is interesting to you, make sure to click on the "find more like this" link at the top right of the page.
Newspaper Article
"How Scooby-Doo Makes Kids Fat." Philadelphia Daily News (Philadelphia, PA). 28 Jun 2010: 17. SIRS Researcher. Web. 14 Nov 2010.
SIRS: Social Issues Research Service
(access through
This article reports that kids believe food with cartoon charaters on the wrapper is better tasting than food without. The author argues that the federal government must begin to regulate this type of advertising.
Streaming Video
DE Streaming:
The School of Persuasion Techniques.Classroom Media, 1999. Video Segment.14 November 2010. <>.
username and password is the same as all of our databases
Type The School of Persuasion Techniques in the search box. This is a 20 minutes video that will teach you to recognize the persuasive techniques used in advertising so that you can apply them in your marketing plan.
Your Media Specialist
Mrs. Tomlinson
In the media center
I can help you with in-text citations, using NoodleTools, and finding the resources on the shelves. I can also point you in the direction of successful advertising campaigns--only after you've done your research:)

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Happy Researching!